2013 Program: Day 2: Saturday, April 28

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10:00 -
Live Paint: Naoyuki Katoh
  at Hall
13:30 -
Autograph: Joe Haldeman, Naoyuki Katoh
  at Hall

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Room 7-9

10:00~   Go beyond the dimensions - The new way to enjoy Saitama Prefecture
What would you expect from sight seeing? Refreshing your heart and body, feeling joy and sensation, or meeting with new people in the places you visit? A new type of sight seeing style that will give you warmth and mysterious experience are now in various places in Saitama, by linking with the real world and the Anime and comic world that originally was a two dimensional world. You will find nice relationship between the fans who love the stories and the people actually living there. We will introduce the new fascination of Saitama prefecture, using examples such as Washimiya in Kuki City that is famous for the Anime 'Laki ☆ Sta', and Chichibu city that is famous for 'Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa mada Shiranai'.
Program Participants: Kunihiro Shimada (Saitama Prefectural Government)
12:00~   'The Forever War' and Figures
We would like to talk about figures from 'The Forever War', the story by our GoH Joe Haldeman.
Program Participants: Yoshikazu Asahina, Tadaomi Sunahara, Naoyuki Katoh
14:30~   GoH interview by Preston Grassmann
The Locus writer Preston Grassmann will interview Joe Haldeman about his stories and his insights about war.。
Program Participants: Joe Haldeman, Preston Grassmann

Room 3

10:00~   Traditional vs. Indie Publishing
F and SF author Regina Glei has so far published two novellas traditionally with North American Small Presses and two novels the indie way.In this panel she will discuss the pros and cons of dealing with publishers vs. self-publication.
Program Participants: Regina Glei
13:30~   Auction
The pictures and prints displayed at Hal-con Art show will be auctioned. If there are many bids to the art, it will be auctioned at this time frame. Members are welcome to watch the auction.
* Please be noted that some of the pictures at the Hal-con Artshow are not for sale.
Program Participants: Hal-con Committee
14:30~ Moe power generation Kirara and Fuuka
The solar power generation and wind power generation is now visualized in the forms of two pretty characters - 'Kirara' and 'Fuka'. We are hoping these characters will make people approachable to renewable power generation.
Program Participants: Showji Murahama

Room 4

10:00~   Vote for Seiun Award!
This year, four authors who won Sogen Science Fiction Short Story Contest are nominated to Seiun Award's short story category. The four nominees will battle with all their might. Who will survive and win the Seiun Award?
Program Participants: Takehiko Oxi, Dempow Torishima, Teiji Riyama, Yusuke Miyauchi, Tetsuya Kohama (Tokyo Sogensha)
11:30~  Interview with EnJoe Toh - Akutagawa Award and Japan Science Fiction Award -
EnJoe Toh is now the hottest science fiction author who received both 146th Akutagawa Award and 31st Japan Science Fiction Award last year. Nozomi Ohmori will ask him about how he achieved these awards and of his future plans.
Program Participants: EnJoe Toh, Nozomi Ohmori
14:30~   Room of Science Fiction Anthologies
Many good SF anthologies were published in past year. The panelists will discuss about what is good, and will talk about their favorite stories.
Program Participants: Nozomi Ohmori, Sanzo Kusaka, Naohiko Kitahara

Room 6

10:00~  How to Enjoy Worldcon
Have you been enjoying Worldcon? Are there people who is timid to attend just because you cannot speak English?  I will talk about myself working as a volunteer staff at Worldcon, and enjoying myself even though I cannot speak English. I assure you that if you have a heart and an energy to understand people, Worldcon is a great place to enjoy yourself.
Program Participants: Security Captain Takeda
11:30~  Are these SF movies great...? 2013
This program will show you the movie trailers of SF / Fantasy / Horror genre which will be released in Japan this summer. We would like to discuss if the movie is worth watching or not.
Program Participants: Kyoko Ogushi
14:30~ Japan Science Fiction Convention Natsu-con's room
Japan Science Fiction Convention Natsu-con will be held at Tsukuba in 2014. We will discuss about this convention. Any questions are welcome.
Program Participants: Natsu-con Committee

Room 10

11:30~   Nippon2017
We are planning to bring the second Worldcon to Japan, and have start working for it. We would like to discuss how we would proceed, and reveal some facts that are not widely known.
Program Participants: Nippon2017 preparation committee
14:30~   Writing and Time Management
F and SF author Regina Glei will read from her recent books and talk about how to have a full time day-job while being a writer.
Program Participants: Regina Glei


13:00~  Sound of Anime
The slim type televisions do not have good speakers. I would like to demonstrate the actual sounds of Anime using Bose Solo TV sound system playing several Anime Blu-ray packages.
Program Participants: Suguru Yoshikawa

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