Hotaru Unno

Hotaru Unno

Manga artist. He was born in and currently lives in Tokyo.

He was first published in 1998, with the short manga 'Ware wa Robot (I,Robot)' in 'Paikuu vol.15' published by Fusionproduct. He received an Afternoon Four Seasons Award Grand prize for 'Oyasumi-nasai (Good Night)' in 1999. He is known for his lyrical pictures and compositions, and is popular with fans for his stories which include science fiction flavors.


His books include:

'Kaze no Juuni Hooi' (2003, Fox Publishing) ,
'Memori Sei-jin (Alien from planet Memori)' (2005, Ohzora Publishing)
'Tokei-jikake no Shizuku (A Clockwork Shizuku)' (2006, OKS)
'Alice no Futatsu no Kao (The Two Faces of Alice)' (2010-2012, Shobunkan)
'Toko no Nagai Gogo (The Long Afternoon of Toko)' (2013, Hobby Japan)


He is also the cover artist for Shinji Kajio's forthcoming 'Yokai Stadium' (Science Fiction Stories in the 21st Century, Iwasaki Shoten, Oct 2013).